Friday, January 28, 2011

How was your trip? See you next fall......

This morning MooMoo and I were sitting in the car..waiting for 8:15 to roll around. I can't drop him off til 8:15 because that's when the yard-duty ladies open the gates. And since my lil mama starts school at 8am, we sit in the car and chit-chat til 8:15.

"Ok's time to get out and start your day". He got out of the car after sweet kisses and a hug and I told him to have a good day. As he was walking away he turned around to look at me one last time...and wave...and I blow him kisses...and he tripped...BIGTIME! My poor baby fell right on his face! My first instinct was to laugh...but I didn't want to hurt his lil feelings. And I could tell..he was embarrassed! But he just got up..and looked around, winked at me...and waved again. I giggled to myself as I kept thinking..."oh man!! he's so darn cute"!!!

btw...if you're reading this...please don't tell him I wrote it. :)