Friday, January 28, 2011

How was your trip? See you next fall......

This morning MooMoo and I were sitting in the car..waiting for 8:15 to roll around. I can't drop him off til 8:15 because that's when the yard-duty ladies open the gates. And since my lil mama starts school at 8am, we sit in the car and chit-chat til 8:15.

"Ok's time to get out and start your day". He got out of the car after sweet kisses and a hug and I told him to have a good day. As he was walking away he turned around to look at me one last time...and wave...and I blow him kisses...and he tripped...BIGTIME! My poor baby fell right on his face! My first instinct was to laugh...but I didn't want to hurt his lil feelings. And I could tell..he was embarrassed! But he just got up..and looked around, winked at me...and waved again. I giggled to myself as I kept thinking..."oh man!! he's so darn cute"!!!

btw...if you're reading this...please don't tell him I wrote it. :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Wish

I'm not afraid to say...but this year at Christmas my money was a little bit tighter than I would have hoped for. The kids were all really great. As the weeks passed they didn't see me Christmas shopping, they didn't see a tree get put up right away, and I had a talk with them about how slim Christmas really was going to be.

My lil Ariana was so sweet. One night as I was getting into my bed I saw a letter addressed to Santa on my desk. It read, "Dear Santa, Thank you for all the kind things you do for people. It's so nice of you. It's probably why you are such a great Saint. The only thing I would really like for Christmas is for homeless people to have a roof over their heads. And maybe...could you peek in and say 'hi' as you pass by my house? Sincerely, Ariana". I was so impressed with her letter. Earlier in the day I had been crying in my bed that I wasn't able to give my kids a lavish Christmas this year...and all my daughter asked for was homeless people to have warm shelter. What a humbling experience.

My little man...could only ask for one thing. One day as I was driving him to school he said, "there are 2 things I want for Christmas. One is lego handcuffs." "Lego Handcuffs?" I asked. He replied, "Yes. You can find them at the Lego store at Downtown Disney right by the cash register. Just ask the cashier where they keep them, and she will give you a brand new one in a box." Wow...this kid is informative! Then he proceeds, "Mom, if it comes down to me only getting one gift though..I want a wheelchair." "A wheelchair? What do you need a wheelchair for?" I asked. "I would like my brother Coy to teach me wheelies on it. I want to ride around doing tricks!" "Maximus.....", I tell him....."Normal kids don't ask for wheelchairs for Christmas." To which he replies, "Mom...normal kids don't have the names: Maximus, Dane, or Coy".

Ya...he got me there!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dr. Roth

It's that time again. I have my niece and nephew for the WHOLE summer. Sometimes I wish I had somewhere to ship my kids to!!!

So I went to go grab my kids a $1 burger from McDonalds. I was only gone for 15 mins. I come back and Coy tells me that Moo-Moo was trying to "medicate" my nephew. WHATT?????? So I call Moo-Moo into the room. I ask, "Where you trying to give your lil cousin medicine?"

"YES...he's getting on my nerves. And he is TOO HYPER" Moo-Moo replies.

"Since when did you become a Dr?" I ask.

"I can tell he needs something. He just runs around here and needs to calm down."

After explaining not to touch medicine, the dangers of medicating others, and that he was going to get his bottom BEAT, it was all resolved.

But seriously....was kinda funny! :)

PS. My nephew does take meds for being hyper. I just don't give them to him. Not that this rationalizes Moo-Moo's behavior!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Smoke House

The other day I picked Moo-Moo up from school. He asked me on our way home, "Mommy, you know that place called Smoke House? Do people just sit in a house and smoke?" I had to laugh to myself. Smoke House is probably one of MY MOST favorite places to eat. It's not the type of place I would take my kids to because it is SO pricey! I explained to Moo-Moo that the Smoke House is a restaurant that has steak. He then said, "Well...tonight would be a perfect night to go, right mommy?"!

At 8pm, after I had finished feeding his siblings, I told Moo-Moo to change his clothes. We were going to Smoke House. He asked me why he had to change. I told him, "I don't think holy jeans and an AC/DC t-shirt is appropriate attire for a nice restaurant. Look at me. I'm dressed nice, you need to dress nice too!" He went upstairs and changed his clothes, even put a belt on. :)

We pulled up to the restaurant. They valet park there. Moo-Moo was VERY impressed. "WOW..did you see that? They opened our doors for us. That is SO COOL". I thought to myself..." bout that! They open the door for us for ONLY $4.50!" As we walked in he loved the atmosphere. There was karaoke going on in the bar. It's dark inside, dim lighting, and dark rich colors. I have to admit, I love the atmosphere there too. My FAVORITE waitress was our waitress that night. :) She's been there for 42 years. I explained to her what Moo-Moo thought the Smoke House was...and why we were visiting. She made him feel EXTRA special. He got to taste the MOST AMAZING cheese bread. He ordered himself prime rib and was in heaven! While I was waiting for them to bring out my filet mignon...I looked over at my lil bobblehead and he was fast asleep. LOL. He couldn't wait to get here, and he was asleep? You've got to be kidding me!!!! LOL. My lil man had spent the night the day before at his dad's. His dad lives in Orange County. So he had to get my lil ones up at 5 in the morning to get back to my house to go to school. Now I had taken out my lil man to dinner late, and he fell asleep.

Oh was very sweet to spend time...JUST with my lil one. I love his questions and teaching him different things. It's something I truly treasure. :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just Cking Things Out

MooMoo won't go to bed until someone is in bed. I think he is afraid to go to bed by himself. If I'm not in bed, he will crawl into bed with whoever is in bed first. Whether it is his brothers or sister, or me. Last night I was folding socks on my bedroom floor with the lights turned down low. So of course he came in, crawled into my bed and fell asleep.

I know...he is 8 years old. BAD HABIT for him to be into! BUT..he is my baby, and I don't fight him on it. I let him sleep with whoever he falls asleep with.

At 3am I hear a lil voice next to me, "Mommy...can you turn on the light?"

I replied groggily, "What for?"

He then said, "I just want to look at you". This is a weird request, but I obliged.
I turned on the light, he looked at me, and said, "OK Mommy...nite nite".

I giggled to myself. I have no idea what that was about, but I sure did think it was cute!!!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Board Game

Girlfriend had a book report due this week. She's had the assignment for about 3 weeks. She was to make a board game out of a book report. She is a very good student so I didn't worry about her reading her book. Last week I asked her, "Did you finish your book yet?".

"Yes mommy". Cool. One of the things I love about her is how on top of her homework she is. Makes parenting SO MUCH easier!

So Monday I pick up her book off of my night stand. I look at it. It barely looks as if anyone has read it! Girlfriend is an avid reader and VERY hard on books when she does read them. So when she got home that day I asked, "Did you REALLY finish that book?"

"I read 2 chapters", she said. UGH! Now the board game is due on Wednesday, and it is Monday afternoon and she has only read 2 chapters! There are 66 chapters!!!! 377 Pages!!!!!

I told her to get her bum upstairs on my bed and start reading! I know she is capable of finishing the book, because she is a strong reader. Heck, she read the Twilight Series in a couple days!! And those are about 600 pages each!

Tuesday night at about 9pm girlfriend finished the book. We sat down on the living room floor decorating her board game, and going over what the instructions should be. As we are talking about the plot of the book Coy, her older brother says, "OH mom, I have that book on CD. She could have just listened to it."

Girlfriend said, "Really?"

I told her, "Don't listen to your brother. He is teasing you. Because you have sat here for a day reading that book."

Coy said, "No I'm not. I really have that book on CDs. Remember mom when you bought me some books on cds to make reading more interesting to me?" He then got up and got the cds out.

I couldn't believe it!! I know my daughter needed to read the book, but I was so exhausted! I didn't sleep at all the night before because I was too busy worrying about her finishing the book and making a board game our of it!!!

Ugh!!! These kids!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Our trees are dying!!

The other day I picked up MooMoo from school. I asked my normal questions, "How was your day at school, Buddy? Do you have homework??"

He replied, "I have lots of homework!!! Do you know that homework is killing our trees?"

LOL!!! I giggled, and replied, "They are? How so?"

MooMoo replied, "When my teacher gives homework she's giving us a lot of papers. Papers come from trees, which have to be killed. If we don't have the trees, we can't get oxygen. We need the oxygen to breathe. Can you talk to my teacher about the homework, mom?"

LOL...Sure thing babe! I'll get right on it!!!